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Keeping Wealth in Wirral's Community

As part of our commitment to inclusive economic growth, Wirral Council has launched a new Community Wealth Building project with the Centre for Local Economic Studies (CLES), to help us and our partners to drive inclusive growth and ensure more public money is spent with local employers.

This event – ‘Keeping Wealth in the Community’ – is not to be missed. It takes place on January 21st. You will hear from a range of expert speakers who will share their knowledge and experience – giving practical examples of how we can build the local economy by keeping local resources local.

Speakers include:

  • ·         Janette Williamson, Wirral Cabinet Member for Finance, opening this event

    ·         Neil McInroy, CEO of CLES, discussing the Concept of Community Wealth Building

    ·         Sandra Kirkham, Chair of Wirral Chamber of Commerce, discussing the Wirral Partnership

    ·         Eric Robinson, CEO of Wirral Council, discussing benefits of economic and inclusive growth

    ·         Joe Anderson, Mayor of Liverpool, discussing peer learning

    ·         Matthew Brown, Leader of Preston City Council, discussing the Preston Model

    ·         Phil Davies, Leader of Wirral Council, providing reflections of the day

    ·         Melissa Berry, Graduate at Wirral Council, will be closing this event

We will also have representatives from the Community Wealth Building Unit, who will help us explore some best practice case studies.

Wirral Council is already leading the way in keeping contracts and commissioning local, with 34p in every £1 spent with local firms. We’re not finished there. We think we can significantly increase this number and help create hundreds of new local jobs.

Our approach will extend to ‘anchor’ institutions in the borough, big employers and investors like NHS bodies. Wirral will also be looking at where we can use community assets more effectively and how we can support and develop our workforce to retain them and provide better opportunities for others to work here, as a borough, not a council.

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