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Keep on top of your plastic waste this Christmas

Christmas is a time of year when you might spend a little bit extra making the festive period special for your loved ones, but all of the extra shopping means you may encounter more single-use plastics than normal while out and about.

So what can be done to stem the tide of single-use plastics? 

We can all make small lifestyle changes to reduce our own plastic footprint.

1. Refuse single-use packaging

The average Brit creates 177kg of plastic food packaging every year. While you’re picking up supplies for Christmas, opt for loose items, tinned food or glass jars instead.

2. Plastic can cause a ‘latte’ problems

Disposable coffee cups are a nightmare for the environment as they have a thin film of plastic on the inside. While you’re in the high street this year and fancy a festive gingerbread latte, take your own re-useable cup or buy one in store so you’re prepared in future.

3. Plastic bags cost more than 5p

We don’t want to take all the fun out of Christmas shopping – we love it too – but plastic bags can last over 300 years in the environment. Take some re-useable carrier bags with you this Christmas; the penguins will thank you for it.

4. It’s a ‘wrap’

You would be forgiven for thinking that wrapping paper is recyclable. However, wrapping paper often contains plastic film or glitter which means it is rejected by recycling plants. Try and opt for plastic free wrapping paper instead and make sure you remove any sticky tape before putting it in your grey bin.

5. Because you're worth it...

It’s often overlooked that our bathrooms are packed full of stuff that can be recycled after we’ve finished with it. For example, things like shampoo and shower gel bottles can be recycled in your grey wheelie bin. To make things easier, why not put a second small bin in your bathroom for recycling?

To find out more about the impact of single-use plastics, visit the Surfers Against Sewage website