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Improvements to railings on West Kirby Promenade to begin next week

Refurbishment of the railings along West Kirby Promenade will begin next week with works to be completed by the end of September.

The work will see old and weathered railings repaired and replaced where necessary while the railing posts themselves are restored to reveal their original seaside splendour.

The improvements involve refurbishing half of the existing railings and railing posts at the South Parade this month. Work to refurbish the other half will take place in the next financial year, funded by the coastal revenue budget.

Access to West Kirby promenade may be at a restricted width during the works but the area will still be accessible as the barriers will allow two metres of walkway at any time. Work will take place during working day hours.

Cllr Liz Grey, Cabinet Member for Environment and Climate Change, said: “Under new policies, the plans for these improvements to our coastal area have taken environmental impact into consideration at every stage.

“The contractor undertaking the work will use non-plastic, biodegradable pellets to remove old and cracked paintwork from railing posts, all of which will be fitted with a shroud to capture spent pellets, removed paint and debris.

“These, and other materials including scrap metal or paint will also be removed from site and recycled where possible.

“A noise-reducing tent, or ‘Echo screen’ will also be installed around the site to minimise the effect that the works may have on nearby residents and visitors.”

Currently, some sections of railing are set into original sandstone, while others are set in concrete.

The posts set in original sandstone will undergo a restoration process known as ‘shot blasting’ or ‘sand blasting’ to remove old paintwork, with adjacent rails also being replaced.

To avoid any duplication of work, the posts set in concrete will be treated at a later date, as these posts may be removed during promenade improvements to be carried out as part of the West Kirby Flood Alleviation scheme.

Cllr Grey added: “Using eco-friendly methods of restoration work, including recycling the original posts where possible, as part of this project is a cost-effective move that will improve the look of the finished product, as well as reducing environmental impact.

“Our highways team aim for this work to be completed as swiftly as possible, updating our safety barriers for locals and visitors while also bringing them back to their former glory.”

Sand fencing at north end has already been removed ahead of sand blasting – will be reinstated following completion of the works.

Wirral’s highways team are completing the work this year, as funds cannot be carried over to a different financial year.