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How would you spend £25m in Birkenhead?

Birkenhead is among a select group of 101 towns which has been invited by Government to bid for up to £25million to support the sustainable regeneration of the area.

In response, a range of partners has been brought together to develop projects that can deliver transformational change and economic growth in areas such as, transport, broadband connectivity, skills and culture.

The invitation to bid for funds could not have come at a more opportune time as it will help to underpin a wholesale regeneration programme, led by Wirral Council, working alongside partners including Wirral Growth Company and Peel Land and Property , which will redevelop Birkenhead town centre, the waterfront and other areas across the borough, securing jobs, providing quality housing and improving highways and transport to meet the needs of local communities.

Supported by the #MyTown campaign, the Government has scoped the guidelines for this £3.6billion funding scheme to ensure that local people have their say in how this money is spent.

The #MyTown website provides a platform where residents, businesses and local organisations can share their thoughts on what makes them proud of their town and also their hopes for the future.

In order to help shape the bid for the £25million, a Town Deal Board has been established with local representatives including MPs, councillors, as well as local businesses such as Tranmere Rovers Football Club, Peel Land and Property, Wirral Chamber of Commerce, YMCA, Wirral MET and Eureka, the new children’s museum which is planned for Seacombe. Please go to for further information.

At its recent meeting, the Board put forward a plan to focus on six key themes as a starting point for residents to consider what they would like to see developed for Birkenhead:

•            Education and skills – What new facilities and skills do we need?  

•            Economy and enterprise – How can we help new and existing businesses grow?

•            Connectivity, place and public realm – How do we create places where people want to live, helping them connect to the wider community through both virtual and transport networks?

•            Health, wellbeing and community – How do we make this a priority for our town?

•            Culture and heritage – How can we enrich our lives and encourage tourism with facilities for the arts, culture and heritage?

•            Digital and clean energy – How do we use clean energy and digital advancements to make Birkenhead a sustainable town?

It is vital that the Board considers the views of residents, businesses and local organisations as it develops the £25million bid, which will be submitted to Government later this year and it welcomes ideas on the six themes.  

Comments can be made via the #mytown website or by contacting the Town Deal Board directly at the email address, before 4th September.

Events are being planned to provide a more detailed review of the proposals as they are developed. Those interested should register using the email address.

Cabinet Member for Regeneration & Growth Councillor Tony Jones said: “Our ambitious plans for the regeneration of Birkenhead are like a jigsaw, with many interlocking and dependent pieces. This Town Deal money could be considered a central piece of that jigsaw as it will be put to use alongside other public and private sector funding to pump-prime project activity which will see a large-scale redevelopment of the town centre with environmental infrastructure, commercial and residential improvements. The Town Deal fund presents us with a tremendous opportunity to secure £25million which will go a long way towards making the transformation of Birkenhead a reality.

“We will do everything we can to submit a successful bid for the funds but now we are asking our local people and businesses to play their part by sharing their views on what they would like to see happen in the town. Together we can lay the foundations to make Birkenhead an even greater place to live, work and visit, where our young people can thrive and we can all look forward to a bright future.”