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Host of activities for young people to see out the Summer holidays

Wirral’s Youth Hubs and Clubs along with the council’s Sports Development Team have got a host of activities to keep young people aged 11 and over occupied for the last part of the school holidays.

The Sports Development Team help children access more sporting activities and are running regular events for the rest of the summer holidays.

Upcoming sports sessions and dates for boys and girls include:

  • Friday 23 August, 6.30pm-8pm - Central Park, Multi Use Games Area,  Wallasey 
  • Saturday 24 August, 1pm-5pm – Guniea Gap, Seacombe, 3G sport pitches
  • Sunday 25 August,  1pm-5pm – Guniea Gap, Seacombe, 3G sport pitches
  • Wednesday 28 August, 4pm- 9pm, Mountain Biking  at One Planet Adventure, Llandegla Forest, North Wales (please call 0151 666 4374 to book)
  • Friday 30 August, 6.30pm-8pm - Central Park, Wallasey, Multi Use Games Area
  • Saturday 31 August, 1pm- 5pm - Oval, 3G Pitches,  Bebington                                                                                                                                                                
  • Saturday 31 August, 1pm-5pm – Guinea Gap, Seacombe, 3G sport pitches
  • Sunday 1 September, , 1pm- 5pm, Oval 3G Pitches, Bebington
  • Sunday 1 September, 1pm – 5pm, Guinea Gap, Seacombe, 3G sport pitches

For more information on any of the sessions, contact the Sports Development Team on 0151 666 4374.

Youth Hubs offer a wide range of activities for young people 13  to 19 and are hubs ran by qualified Youth Workers, for groups to drop in to.

Open at various times throughout the week, there are several hubs and clubs across Wirral. To find a list of available Youth Hubs and opening times visit the council website.