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Guidance issued to protect bin collection crews

We would like to thank all residents for their continued patience as bin collection crews continue to catch up this week. As announced earlier in the week, they are currently working a day behind schedule.

We also kindly ask all residents to make sure they're following social distancing guidelines to protect collection staff as well as the following:

  • Make sure all waste is contained in your bin/s with the lid closed.
  • Do not put any waste beside the bin or loose at a collection point.
  • Anyone who feels ill at home (whether diagnosed with COVID-19 or not) should place all their waste in the general rubbish bin, and should double-bag it, making sure the bags are securely tied. They should then wait at least 72 hours before placing it out for collection. This material should not be put in your recycling.
  • Do not come out for a chat with the crews and keep your distance if you are out for your daily exercise.  They're nice people, and would probably appreciate a smile and a wave, but we need to adhere to social distancing guidelines of 2 meters. 

Wirral Council and Biffa take the health and safety of staff very seriously and have been working hard to ensure that additional personal protective equipment (PPE) is available for staff and that procedures have been put in place to enable social distancing as much as possible. 

As well as their usual PPE, including gloves, crews have been supplied with soap and water, individual hand sanitiser gel, antibacterial wipes and additional gloves.  Procedures have also been put in place to limit the time that crews are all together in the cab, such as loaders being able to start from site, rather than come to the depot at the start and end of shift.