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Drop-in sessions to ‘Have Your Say’ on Wirral’s future

Drop-in sessions are to be held across Wirral as the Council presses ahead with consultation on the future of the borough.

Councillors backed consultation on options for Wirral’s Local Plan which includes a preferred option of meeting the borough’s housing need through regeneration of brownfield and urban locations.

The consultation document on the options for the Local Plan sets out in detail the Council’s proposals for land use over the coming 15 years and seeks the public’s views.

In addition, the Council is putting forward proposals on how the infrastructure needed to support extra housing will be delivered, focusing on regeneration in key areas.

Alongside a new online portal to allow comment on Wirral’s emerging Local Plan, a series of drop-in sessions will be held across the borough.

Residents, landowners, developers and anyone with an interest in how Wirral meets its target for building new homes and providing employment sites will be able to comment on the current proposals.

Drop in sessions for Wirral's Local Plan

No booking is required. All drop-in sessions are open from 12.30 to 8pm unless specified:

  • Monday 27 January: Heswall Library
  • Wednesday 29 January: Bromborough Civic Centre
  • Thursday 30 January: West Kirby Concourse
  • Monday 3 February: Birkenhead Town Hall
  • Wednesday 5 February: Wallasey Town Hall
  • Tuesday 11 February: Wirral Change, Birkenhead (11:30am to 3pm)
  • Tuesday 18 February: Bromborough Civic Centre
  • Wednesday 19 February: West Kirby Concourse
  • Thursday 20 February: Heswall Library
  • Tuesday 25 February: Leasowe Millennium Centre
  • Wednesday 26 February: Birkenhead Town Hall
  • Thursday 27 February: Wallasey Town Hall

How to have your say

Residents and interested parties are now being asked to register with the specially developed online website which allows people to comment directly on the evidence and documents which form the basis of the draft Local Plan proposals.

You can register on the portal ahead of the start of consultation, and you will then be notified when the consultation period begins. For those unable to access the online portal all documents will be made available at libraries across the borough, which also have free IT facilities with an internet connection which can be used to take part in the consultation.

Under the proposals key regeneration locations in Birkenhead and Wallasey will play a crucial role in helping deliver the housing needed into the future, with many more brownfield and urban areas across the borough also being put forward to provide sites to meet the housing need, and opening up the chance for major regeneration of large parts of the eastern side of Wirral. The housing requirement for Wirral is determined using Government guidelines and data and is calculated to be 12,000 new homes up to 2035.

However, most brownfield land is privately owned and although the Council is working with landowners and developers to ensure sites are made available and delivered it may not be possible to meet all the housing need using only brownfield sites.

In case enough sites identified cannot be delivered the Council also has to consult on other potential options to deliver the housing need in the draft Local Plan. The only other options would be to use Green Belt land and therefore these options must be included in the consultation. Release of Green Belt is, however, not the Council’s preferred option and council officers will continue to undertake further intensive work to seek to increase the supply of land in the urban areas.

The eight-week consultation will begin on Monday 27 January.