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Council and community food providers come together at new Emergency Food Hub

Wirral Council and community food providers are coming together to make sure vulnerable residents don’t go hungry during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation.

The new Council-led initiative will see Feeding Birkenhead, Supporting Wirral, Wirral Foodbank and other third sector food providers, coordinating efforts and centralising their bulk food collection and distribution operations at a new Emergency Food Hub, which will be managed by Wirral Council.

The Leader of Wirral Council, Councillor Pat Hackett, said: “The current situation has brought people and organisations together like never before and there’s no better example than what our community food providers are doing with the Council.

“Coordinating all of our efforts will help ensure that the most vulnerable people in our community get the help they need as quickly as possible.”

Andrew Forsey from Feeding Birkenhead, Supporting Wirral said: “The coronavirus pandemic has given the whole community food sector an incredible challenge. The supply of food we rely on has become more difficult, while requests for help have increased.”

“Feeding Birkenhead, Supporting Wirral will have a really significant role to play in meeting that challenge and making sure that Wirral’s most vulnerable people get the food they need.”

The Council and community food providers are also working together to set up a fast and straightforward way for people to report that they are at risk of going hungry and ensure they can be helped quickly.

Further details of Wirral’s emergency food response, including the new arrangements for people to request help, will be released next week.

In light of the unprecedented situation we are facing, Wirral Foodbank has agreed to join with other community food providers to centralise operations at a new Emergency Food Hub in the borough. 

Richard Roberts from Wirral Foodbank, said: “In this time of restricted food availability, it is important that we work together for the good of everyone, consolidating all our efforts in the collection and distribution of food through the new Emergency Food Hub. 

“We have temporarily changed our process, with all emergency food requests to be made through the Emergency Food Hub.  Wirral Foodbank is pleased to be part of this. We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of the people of Wirral, we will work together to make sure that local people do not go hungry during these difficult times.” 

Wirral Foodbank will continue to accept donations at various locations across Wirral, including many supermarkets. Full details of how you can support us are available on our website at

Any businesses wishing to donate bulk supplies should contact Wirral Chamber on tel. 0151 650 6982 or email