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Coronavirus update: Wirral Council statement

13/02/20, 2:15pm:

For the last few weeks Wirral has hosted a group of repatriated British nationals in self-isolation due to the Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China.

The first group of 83 citizens, who arrived on Friday 31st January, have now left the accommodation block at Arrowe Park Hospital. Arrangements for the departure of the second group, who arrived a few days later, are currently underway. The hospital have advised that none of these people have shown symptoms of the virus.

Public Health England have advised that there are no further public health actions required for these citizens, they are free to return to normal day to day activities and there remains no increased risk to Wirral than anywhere else in the UK.

While we bid this first group goodbye, we are mindful we still have 11 guests at Arrowe Park, who arrived a few days after the first group.

At this time, we again thank everyone involved in the care and support of our guests – either directly or indirectly and across a range of agencies – for their immense efforts over this past fortnight.

We’re also grateful for the kind and caring response of many residents who have donated items and welcomed these people in their time of need. Together you have – and we’re sure will continue to – show Wirral at its very best.


10/02/20, 3:50pm:

As you will know, Wirral is currently hosting 94 repatriated British nationals in self isolation due to the Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China.

According to the latest update from Arrowe Park Hospital, so far none of the guests have shown any symptoms of Coronavirus.

Planning for the departure of these guests is currently underway.

We are advised by the hospital that staff supporting those in the accommodation block continue to follow strict clinical guidance and protocols developed by senior clinicians at Public Health England.


03/02/20, 10:30am:

We were expecting a further 11 people, repatriated from Wuhan in China, to arrive and join current guests in the accommodation block at Arrowe Park Hospital last night.

During the flight, one of the passengers started to feel slightly unwell, and self-isolated immediately.

Upon landing, that passenger remained isolated, and was taken to another NHS hospital for tests.

None of the other new arrivals have shown any symptoms, but as a precautionary measure they were allocated rooms in a separate area of the facility, isolated from those already there.

Staff supporting those in the accommodation are following strict clinical guidance and protocols to ensure they are safe.  


Around 80 British nationals have been brought back to the UK from China. Those on board are being housed, temporarily, in the accommodation block at Arrowe Park Hospital. This is a separate building and is not a hospital ward.

All services in the hospital are running as usual including emergency services, outpatients and planned surgery. Staff working in the hospital will not be in contact with these UK citizens.

As the local council, we are supporting the Department of Health and NHS in any way we can.

We understand this is a stressful time for the people on the flight, but also their families. After a very long journey, we welcome them to our borough and trust they will be comfortable during their time here.

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