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Compassionate Wirral schools recognised as a place of sanctuary

Wirral’s Minority Ethnic Achievement service (MEAS) hosted the fourth annual School of Sanctuary Awards for schools at Birkenhead Town Hall. A School of Sanctuary is a welcoming school for everyone. It recognises the different needs and experiences of all families and seeks to celebrate this diversity.

School of Sanctuary is a part of the charity-based organisation City of Sanctuary which aims to raise awareness of those who are seeking sanctuary and holds the vision that our nations will be welcoming places of safety for all and proud to offer sanctuary to people fleeing violence and persecution.

Six Wirral Primary Schools attended the ceremony to share their experiences and achievements this year: 

  • Liscard Primary School
  • Park Primary School
  • St Anne’s Catholic Primary School
  • St John’s Infant Catholic Primary School
  • Prenton Primary school
  • St Anselm’s College

A child from an asylum-seeking family shared a very moving poem about his experiences and the welcome he received in school.

Some of the older children talked about meeting refugees and asylum seekers and learning about their experiences and the challenges they still face. Some described how their ideas about refugees had changed after meeting people face-to-face and asking questions. 

The Mayor and Mayoress distributed certificates and congratulated staff and children from each school. Jeff Morgan from School Sanctuary spoke about the impacts of this work around the UK. Many children are forced to leave their homes because of war or other reasons and some arrive in schools in the UK. Their journeys to the UK can be very difficult and settling into life here can be challenging. The welcome and security provided by schools in this country is vital and we can all make a difference.

Teachers described the incredible impact on everyone in school:

“We really enjoyed the whole process and it has had a really positive impact on the children” 

MEAS manager, Anna Turnbull congratulated the schools on their amazing work which really supports children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and learning about British values. If you would like any further information about School of Sanctuary please email: