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Children's centre team host special edition timetable to mark ‘Baby Week’.

Wirral’s children’s centres are hosting a dedicated week all about babies over on the council’s My Child Can facebook page from 16-21 November 2020.

The team are supporting 'Baby week' which will see a different dedicated theme each day, including; breastfeeding, support dedicated to dads, Literacy Day and even a day set to mark how resilient little ones have been during the COVID pandemic.

Each day will see  the team sharing information, videos, stories and will take the opportunity to signpost when possible to some local services families can access on the Wirral, related to the topic.

Baby Week is supported across the UK and brings together cross-sector organisations, families and caregivers to promote the importance of giving babies the best possible start in life.

If you would like to take part in the week and find out more – visit the My Child Can Facebook page.