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Changes to Blue Badge rules and how you might be affected

More people could be eligible for a Blue Badge following a change to the rules to support people with hidden and non-physical disabilities.

Under the new rules, people who cannot make a journey without overwhelming psychological distress, or risking serious harm to themselves or others, may be eligible for a Blue Badge.

Having a certain condition or disability does not automatically entitle anyone to a Blue Badge.

Under the new rules, you will only automatically qualify for a Blue Badge if you receive Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and have scored 10 points. This needs to be specifically for Descriptor E under the “planning and following journeys” activity.

People who are not automatically eligible will have their application assessed against the new criteria.

Current Blue Badge holders may need to attend an appointment to assess their mobility when they reapply for a Blue Badge. You can still apply to renew your badge two months before it expires. Even if you are renewing a Blue Badge, you will still need to complete a full application. This is to check that you are still eligible and to make sure all your information is up to date.

Find out more about the new criteria and apply for a Blue Badge

If you are unable to go online, you can get support at any Wirral Council One Stop Shop.