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Cabinet Member declares climate emergency

Last night Wirral Council declared a climate emergency in the borough.

This declaration marks the start of a programme of work designed to reduce the carbon impact of Wirral’s public services.

Led by Cllr Liz Grey, Cabinet Member for Environment and Climate Change, plans to address a global climate emergency, include planting more trees and wildflowers, curbing use of harmful pesticides and changes to the borough’s travel strategy.

Unanimously agreed last night at a special council meeting, the plans could see Wirral’s carbon footprint drastically improve over the next few years.

Cllr Liz Grey said: “There are changes that we can make, in our own lives and as a local authority, that can make a difference.

“Planting many more trees and wildflowers for pollinators such as bees, hoverflies and moths; phasing out harmful herbicides and developing a new 'active travel' transport strategy that encourages and supports walkers and cyclists are just some of the new policies.”

Wirral joins other local authorities to declare a local climate emergency, in line with parliament’s announcement earlier in 2019. The local authority is not starting from scratch when it comes to climate action.

While a number of environmentally friendly measures have already been taken including installing solar panels at council buildings and replacing streetlamps with low LED lamps, Cllr Grey emphasises that there is still more to be done.

Cllr Grey said: “The latest evidence presents a deeply worrying picture, making it clear we need to move further and faster to cut pollution at every level, be that global, national and local.

“We are the custodians for the future of our climate. These plans will increase focus on the environmental impact of every decision we make as a borough ensuring that Wirral plays its part in addressing the climate emergency.”