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Birkenhead Market has everything you need for Christmas

Christmas shopping can be a long and frustrating experience but a trip to Birkenhead Market can make things a whole lot easier. Here are ten reasons why you should pay the market a visit this Christmas:

  1. Did you know that you can buy your turkey from three shops in the market - Malamb Meats, Moneysworth and Wards Fish too?
  2. Billy’s Corner doesn’t just sell a wide array of fruit and veg, you can buy your Christmas tree there too.
  3. Brighten up your place with lights, decorations, Santas and snowmen from Cane Factory.
  4. Spread some festive cheer with cards from Card Saver, or get your own personalised cards from Cat’s Crafty Cabin.
  5. Hands up, who loves a mince pie? You can get them from The Rolling Pin and Shelley’s Bread & Cakes, as well as a selection of other treats. 
  6. For children’s presents, pop in to Wirral Toy Shop. They sell a wide range of brand new toys for children of all ages.
  7. Looking for a present for someone special? Tracey’s Cosmetics put together their own packs of make-up and gift-bags and you can find jewellery at Merseyside Collectors Centre. 
  8. Go to Image Printing for personalised T-shirts and mugs. 
  9. Impress your family members with tricks from PJs Magic Shop. 
  10. Christmas shopping can be tiring work, so why not reward yourself with a hot drink and tasty treat from one of five cafés you can find at Birkenhead Market?

Delivering the goods

DURING lockdown, businesses at Birkenhead Market clubbed together to provide a delivery service to ensure local people, particularly elderly and vulnerable residents, didn’t go hungry. The service was so popular, many shops in the market have continued to offer home deliveries:

  • The Big Flower Shop: 0151 647 3077
  • Billy’s Corner (fruit and veg): 07958 108221
  • G&B White (deli): 07746 124 530
  • Malamb Meats Family Butcher: 0151 666 2983
  • Moneysworth (butcher & deli): 0151 647 3039
  • The Rolling Pin Bakery: 07583 160 255
  • Shelley’s Bread & Cakes: 07746 124 530
  • Wards Fish: 0151 666 1842