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Zero waste businesses are growing

Food and product packaging can make up a large proportion of our waste and zero waste stores are dedicated to eliminating this packaging and make shopping more environmentally friendly.

With the aim to send no waste to landfill, zero waste businesses not only remove the need for unnecessary plastic waste packaging but minimise both cost and food waste.

Customers can bring reusable containers, tubs, bottles or use the donated ones available at the store to buy as much or as little, of the available products, as they need.

Wirral is now home to several dedicated zero waste retailers including Waste Not Want Not and The Hoylake Pantry, Merseyside’s first zero waste, plastic free and vegan store and West Wirral’s first zero waste store, respectively.

Both these stores sell packaged-free dried food staples such as rice, pasta, lentils, oats, nuts, herbs & spices, dried fruit and sugar as well as household cleaning products such as washing up liquid, fabric softener and multi-purpose cleaning liquid. All products are priced and purchased by weight.

The stores also sell a variety of plastic free alternatives and other households products and Emily’s store, Waste Not Want Not, is also the only retailer in the north of the UK to stock ZAO plastic free refillable make-up and, in the northwest, that has a specific machine for you to make your own nut/oat milk and nut butters.

As the number of zero waste stores and the support they receive continues to grow across the borough during Year of the Environment, Emily from the Waste Not Want Not store, partnered with Mobile App developer, Martin Haley, to create ‘Zero Waste Collective’.

This app has brought together like-minded businesses on an accessible platform for residents and businesses alike and you can use and find your nearest store to enjoy a waste free shopping experience or, if you are a business, you can search for zero waste suppliers and find environmentally friendly products to support your business.

To download the app, simply search ‘Zero Waste Collective’ on the App Store or Google Play.

Other stores including Leaf and Seed in Thurstaston and The Little Greengrocers in Birkenhead can be found on this app as well as further businesses dedicated to providing a more environmentally friendly service, reducing their waste and using alternative products, these include hairdressers, C Saw Hair in Birkenhead and Jessica Barclay Natural & Organic Salon in Heswall and cleaning company, Conscious Cleaner.

Many other local businesses are also trying to make changes to how they operate to be more considerate of the environment in the face of the climate emergency.