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Climate Emergency: two years on

It’s now two years since Wirral Council declared a climate emergency.

The declaration began a programme of work designed to reduce the carbon impact of Wirral’s public services. Everything from tree planting to streetlights has an impact on reducing carbon emissions. Here’s a look back at some of the achievements since 2019.

No Mow May

The ‘No Mow May’ campaign encouraged anyone who looks after gardens, verges and other grassed areas to lock up their lawnmowers for the month of May and let wildflowers and other important pollinators shine through.

New grant scheme to make Wirral’s homes greener

Residents living in areas where homes are older and less energy efficient are able to access help to lower their bills whilst keeping their homes warm and being more environmentally friendly as a new grant scheme is launched.

Thousands of trees planted since beginning of pandemic

More than 20,000 trees have been planted in Wirral since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, meaning Wirral is on track with its target of doubling Wirral’s tree canopy by 2030.

Wirral Council switches to renewable electricity

Wirral Council will only be using electricity from renewable sources for all operations – including buildings and streetlights. This change will reduce the organisation’s carbon emissions by over 5,000 tonnes – which equates to 39% of its carbon emissions.

Alternative ways to treat weeds

Wirral Council continues to look at different options for weed removal in line with the commitment to phase out glyphosate use across the borough.

New cycle way installed on New Chester Road

Work to install an off-road walking and cycle path to make it easier to access Wirral International Business and Croft Retail Park by foot or bike was completed in March.

Investment in state of the art tree inspection equipment

12,000 has been invested in an ‘Arborsonic’ system which is used to accurately display decay levels within trees. This means it’s easier to identify dangerous or unstable trees so they can be safely removed but also, ensures healthy trees can be maintained. The device can also provide details about wood chemistry, moisture distribution and fungal activity within trees.

Wirral recognised as a bee champion

The borough has been recognised as a bee and pollinator champion for the work undertaken on the grasslands at Wirral Country Park.

Over the last few years, a significant amount of work has been undertaken at Wirral Country Park within the Meadow Restoration Project and this was recognised with a 2020 Bees’ Needs Champions Awards.

LED streetlights

20,000 new LED streetlights have been installed, each with a 60% energy saving versus sodium bulbs