Major change to elections in Wirral

11 May 2022
Ballot box

The move to whole council elections will mean that from next year the council elections will be held once every four years, rather than currently being held in three out of every four years. The change comes after councillors passed a resolution to change to whole council elections.

Currently in three of every four years one third of the authority’s 66 councillors go to the polls, with a fallow year every fours years when no election takes place.

The moves comes in the wake of a report into the council’s governance published last year.

The authority’s Policy and Resources Committee agreed last November to hold a public consultation on the proposal. This found that 60.9% of the 527 respondents were in favour of moving to whole Council Elections.

This year’s election on May 5 will take place as in previous years with a third of the councillors being elected.