Show your support to local businesses this weekend

02 December 2022
K&N Fresh Veg & Fruit in Birkenhead
K&N Fresh Veg & Fruit in Birkenhead

Shoppers are being encouraged to hit the high street and support their local shops this Small Business Saturday.

Using small independent businesses not only gives them much-needed support in challenging times, it helps the local economy, protects jobs and boosts local communities.

Using their shops and businesses is also the perfect way to say ‘thank you’ for the way they went above and beyond during the pandemic. Many businesses worked long hours and adapted to include home deliveries and click and collect services, which provided a lifeline to local residents, many of whom were elderly and vulnerable.

To mark Small Business Saturday on Saturday 3 December, here are five reasons to shop local:

1.They are great value

At a time when we all need to keep an eye on how much we’re spending, you might be surprised to see just how competitive prices are in your local shops. Independent retailers often reward regular customers, while others often provide deals that can’t be found in major outlets.

It’s also worth remembering that locally sourced fruit and veg bought from your local greengrocer will stay fresher for longer as it has often been picked within 24 hours and hasn’t been treated with preservatives. And because it hasn’t been coated with chemicals to withstand a long commute, it tastes better too.

2. The personal service

When you shop at small independent businesses, you can talk one-on-one with someone who is an expert. They will be more than happy to answer all of your questions and provide insight and knowledge about their products using their vast experience. A butcher can recommend cheaper, tastier cuts of meat and a greengrocer can recommend fruit and veg that is in season, or perhaps even tasty alternatives. You don’t get that on Amazon!

3. Support the local economy and save jobs

Shopping local means that the money you spend stays within Wirral’s local economy. A healthy local economy helps create jobs and makes Wirral a better place to live and work.

Wirral’s shops and businesses are run by people just like us... our friends, family or neighbours - people who live locally, who really care about the community they are in. They pride themselves on their cheerful service and caring about their customers.

4. Local means quality

If it’s quality you are after, your local shops and businesses are the places to go. Nothing is mass-produced or off a conveyor belt - they sell high quality products that often aren’t available anywhere else, bringing variety on to our high streets.

5. It’s good for the environment

The average fresh food item at the supermarket travels 1,500 miles to arrive on your dinner table, but local shops source their food locally. So not only are locally sourced products better for the local economy, they’re better for the planet too!

You can get one step further too, by stretching your legs and walking to your local high street or corner shop. It’s good exercise for you and good for the environment!


Rostherne Nursery in Leasowe
Rostherne Nursery in Leasowe

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