Further Sustainable Warmth funding available to Wirral residents

11 May 2022
Graphic of a row of houses and one with a bobble hat on with the text 'Could you be eligible for a Sustainable Warmth Grant?'

And the good news is that funding is available for Wirral residents to upgrade their home with these measures, often at no cost to them.

Wirral Council, working with the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, successfully applied for further funding from the government’s Sustainable Warmth Fund which means an additional £5.3m has been made available for Wirral households to make green home improvements.

The kind of improvements residents might consider making include:-

  • Insulation for solid walls, cavity walls, lofts, suspended timber floors or rooms in roofs
  • Upgrading single glazing to double glazing
  • Solar photovoltaic (PV) electric panels, or
  • Air source heat pumps

Unlike some previous rounds of funding, this latest support is available to households in all areas of the borough that meet the qualifying criteria.

There are two main elements to qualify; firstly, the property is one of those most in need of energy-efficiency measures, so only householders whose property is rated E, F or G on their Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) will be able to proceed with an application apply.

The funding is also earmarked to go to those families who will be least able to afford to pay for the improvements themselves, so there is a £30,000 threshold in place and only those whose household income is below that qualify for support.

The grants are available for owner-occupied properties and private-rented households. Before applying, however, tenants are asked to discuss their application with their landlord as there will be a requirement for landlords to contribute at least one third towards the cost of any works.

Find out more on the Sustainable Warmth Fund here 

Or you can speak to Energy Projects Plus – the council’s partner on this project – by calling 0800 043 0151 or emailing advice@epplus.org