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Top 10 reasons to Shop Local

Shoppers are being urged to hit the high street and support their local businesses during Shop Local Week, which runs from Monday 10 to Sunday 16 August.

Shopping local will help businesses rebuild from the coronavirus pandemic, as well as supporting the local economy, protecting jobs and boosting local communities.

To help kick off Shop Local Week, here are 10 reasons why customers should visit a high street in Wirral this week:

1. Support the local economy and save jobs

Shopping local means that the money you spend stays within our local economy. This helps create jobs in our communities, supporting young people in particular who are seeking employment. A thriving economy makes Wirral a better place to live and work.

2. Preserving the heart of the community

A thriving high street is key to boosting the potential of a village or town, where people can socialise as well as shop. Local businesses also generate revenue to help support council services such as libraries, parks and roads that benefit our communities. If people shop local, it helps their community flourish.

3. Great deals

You might be surprised to see just how competitive prices are in your local shops. Independent retailers often reward regular customers, while others may provide great deals that can’t be found in bigger shops. TIP: If you are looking for a bargain, Wirral Spend Independent and Independent Wirral both offer loyalty card schemes that reward customers for shopping with independent businesses in Wirral.

4. A safe way to shop

Visiting small independent shops is also a good way to escape the crowds and long queues at supermarkets. Wirral businesses have been following government guidance and implementing a range of measures to ensure people are safe while they shop. These include plastic partitions at tills, hand sanitising stations and social distancing measures. 

5. Personal touch

Independent businesses are often run by people who live locally, including family businesses passed on through the generations. As well as offering years of experience and knowledge, they provide a personal touch and a friendly face at a time we’re spending more time than ever at home. 

6. Help the environment... and your health

Local shops often source their goods locally, helping to reduce their carbon footprint. When shopping local, you are also more likely to walk or cycle to get there – doing your bit to reduce air pollution and traffic on our roads, as well as giving yourself some exercise! So if you’re tired of being at home and want to stretch those legs, pop down to your local shops.

7. Wirral has everything covered

We are lucky to have such a diverse range of independent shops and businesses on our doorstep. Whatever you're looking for, you can find it in Wirral. If you would like to find out about small businesses near you, visit Independent Wirral’s website or follow them on Twitter @Ind_Wirral.

8. Eat Out to Help Out

We’ve all missed eating out during lockdown but thanks to the ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ scheme, you can make up for lost time this August. Diners can save up to £10 per person when eating at participating restaurants, pubs and cafés on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays throughout the month. There’s also good news for those who like to eat or drink ‘al fresco’ - Wirral businesses can now apply for a pavement licence so customers can sit outside. 

9. Local means quality

If it’s quality you are after, your local shops and businesses are the places to go. For example, our local greengrocers use their many years of experience to select the most delicious, locally sourced, seasonal produce for their shelves and our small independent shops sell an abundant range of unique, high quality products too.

10. Say ‘thank you’

During lockdown, our small local businesses went above and beyond to look after Wirral’s residents. Many adapted their business to include home deliveries to provide a lifeline to local residents, many of whom were elderly and vulnerable. Visiting their shops is the perfect way to say ‘thank you’. If you know a shop or businesses that helped you get through lockdown, you can also nominate them to be a 'High Street Hero'.

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