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Something wrong in your neighbourhood? Who you gonna call?

Well, if it's a problem with some nuisance neighbours or troublesome teenagers, the right call would be to the Wirral Anti-Social Behaviour Team.

Part of the new multi-agency Safer Wirral hub that was established last year, the Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) Team relies on residents reporting problems so it can gather evidence to deal with them in the most appropriate and effective way.

Being part of the Safer Wirral hub, ASB Team staff share information with other partners, including neighbourhood policing teams, so a planned and targeted approach can be applied to tackling an issue. Every incident reported to the team is individually assessed and action will be taken based on the evidence.

In the past six months alone, the ASB Team has been able to take action to make a real difference to the everyday lives of law-abiding residents. They’ve used legal powers to shut down four properties in Wirral which were acting as bases for some residents to engage in anti-social activity.

A Closure Order is made by the court to close a property down, either fully or partially, for an initial three months. The order can be extended if it is believed the anti-social behaviour will continue longer and it can be imposed against any property or premises that is associated with ongoing anti-social behaviour, whether those responsible live there or not.

Closure Orders make a real difference to the lives of local people. One of the comments received from a resident said: "When he managed to get closure on the property and he informed me, I actually burst into tears on the phone with happiness. I can’t explain how he has helped me live a normal life again."

Another resident said: "I would like to let you know that an officer from your team looked at residents' complaints of anti-social behaviour and listened to us. What the officer has done for the street, he is the man and we need more like him."

Anti-social behaviour is any activity that impacts on other people in a negative way, causing harassment, alarm or distress to them.  The council and its partners are committed to helping people live in peace, free from the behaviour caused by a minority of anti-social people, and they have a range of potential measures they can take.  In many cases, matters are resolved informally and without the need to use any legal powers.

Residents can contact Wirral Council’s Anti-Social Behaviour Team by email - - or through the council call centre on 0151 606 2020. Out of hours, they can be contacted on 0151 666 5265. Wirral Community Patrol can be requested to attend at an incident of anti-social behaviour 24 hours a day by calling on 0151 666 5265. If you are a tenant of a registered housing provider, please contact them directly.

If the anti-social behaviour puts you, your family or your property in immediate danger, you should contact the police on 999. If you have witnessed a crime that isn't an emergency, you can report this to the police on 101.