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Healthy Eating Week – Get Active Challenge

Challenge 4 of Healthy Eating Week is to get active! Many of us have such full diaries that we can find it difficult to squeeze in a workout. 

Being active throughout the day might be easier than you think though, and it can actually help you be more mentally active, and productive.

Here are some top tips to stay active at work without even trying:

  • Stand up at work - Sitting for long periods of time can increase your odds of diabetes, obesity and heart problems. Set an alarm and stand every 30 minutes or every hour to reduce your risk, burn calories and prevent lower back pain.
  • Take a walking break - It might not seem like much, but buying a pedometer can show you just how much you walk each day. Set goals for yourself so you can find new ways to walk around and stay on track.
  • Take the stairs - If you have meetings on another floor, or have to take the lift to get to your office, take the stairs instead. It might seem tedious, but it’ll get easier.  Even if you work on the ground floor, use the stairs for bathroom breaks or a breather away from your desk to clear your head.
  • Meetings on the go - Instead of sitting in a stuffy meeting room, take a stroll around the block. It’ll seem more personal, give you all some fresh air, and relieve tension that is common in meetings.
  • Park and walk - We all like to find ‘that spot’ close to work, but parking a little further away from the building will force you to be more active before you even get into the office. 
  • Take standing calls - Taking calls all day can be boring and repetitive. Break the cycle by getting up and walking in circles. This is especially helpful if you are on hold. By using phone calls as a reminder to stand, you can more easily make standing or walking around a regular part of your workday without much effort.
  • Walk to get water - Instead of always having a disposable water bottle on hand, get up to fill up.