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Have you ever considered being a school crossing patrol?

Are you the local hero we are looking for to help keep children and their families safe on their journeys to and from school?

You will play an important role in encouraging more active travel by children and their parents.

Our school crossing patrol team is dedicated to helping children (and any adult who would like to be assisted) to cross the road at designated points, usually located around schools during drop off and pick up times.

With part time hours and the role only operating during term time, this could be the perfect small role to support your community and improve road safety on local roads.

We are currently looking for positions at:

  • Cavendish Street/Old Bidston Road
  • Church Road/Stanton Road
  • Heygarth Road/Bridle Road
  • Plymyard Avenue/Heygarth Road
  • Teehey Lane/Village Road
  • Pulford Road/Higher Bebington Road
  • Poulton Road/Park Road
  • Moreton Road / Warwick Road
  • Brimstage Road/Sandham Grove
  • Well Lane/Albany Road
  • Woodchurch Road/Brattan Road
  • New Hey Road/Grasswood Road

Could you, or someone you know, be the person that puts a smile on children’s faces as they make the journey to school?

If that could be you, and you are interested in any of the positions above or becoming a school crossing patrol, you can find out more about the requirements of the role and apply online.