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A series of drop-in sessions are being held in Wirral during Foster Care Fortnight for people considering providing a home for youngsters.

Foster Care Fortnight (May 13 -26) is the UK’s biggest foster care awareness raising campaign, which showcases the commitment, passion and dedication of foster carers and highlights the urgent need for more foster carers.

In Wirral there are 834 children in care, including 406 placed currently with foster carers, and 191 placed with connected carers – those who are related to the child such as an aunt or grandparent – leaving many more in need of care.

One youngster who benefited from being fostered had come from a large family which struggled to look after all the children. She said: “When it comes to fostering they’ve got make you feel like you are one of their children otherwise you just feel like an outcast.”

An experienced foster carer from Wirral said: “There’s plenty of kids out there who need a loving, happy environment and support from good role models.

“Foster children aren’t just someone else’s child. When they come into my house they are one of my children.”

Another said he had been thinking about fostering for two and a half years before he and his wife got in touch for fear he would become too attached to the children and upset when they left.

He told how they had helped one youngster who his wife called “such an adorable scally” who they’d taken in “straight from the police station”. He said: “That was 25 years ago. He came for lunch a few days ago. He’s now got three of his own children.

“My wife said to him she couldn’t believe how gorgeous his children are and so well-behaved. And he said ‘that’s only because I came to live with you – if that didn’t happen I would have raised them the way I was raised’.

“Don’t do what I did for two and half years, just think about it – pick up the phone and do something about it.”

For more details about fostering in Wirral see or come to one of the drop-in sessions during Foster Care Fortnight to find out more: 

  • 14th May, 10am-12pm – Wallasey Town Hall
  • 15th May, 10am-12pm – Bebington Civic Hall
  • 17th May, 9am-12pm – Rock Ferry One Stop Shop – Community Hall
  • 18th May, 10am-12pm – West Kirby Concourse
  • 21st May, 1pm-3pm – Floral Pavilion