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Environmental Health answer your questions on registering a food business

Wirral’s food businesses are being urged to ensure they are registered with the council and to help you to do this the team are answering some commonly asked questions.

As part of World Food Safety Day, 7 June, Wirral Council’s team of Environmental Health professionals have answered your questions on what it means to register a food business.


Why should I register my business with the council?

Registering a business will help ensure a business is operating safely and give access to support from the council’s Environmental Health team. Registering a business early and getting advice and guidance helps prepare for inspections and will help give a food business the best chance of getting the best rating of 5 under the National Food Hygiene Rating Scheme.


How will registering affect my business?

Businesses will get the support that they need for operating safely and will be recognised as a legitimate food business. Businesses will also be registered for the National Food Hygiene Rating Scheme which many consumers look for when deciding where to eat or order food from.


What might happen if I don’t register my food business?

It is an offence to be operating without registering a food business with the council and could result in a fine and/or imprisonment.


If I haven’t had an inspection but have registered my business, can I still trade?

Yes. Once registered with Environmental Health (28 days prior to trading), the details of a food business will be entered onto the council’s central database system, and once confirmation of the registration has been received, businesses can begin trading. An officer will then be allocated to undertake the first food hygiene inspection.


To register a food business, visit the council’s website.

More information about registering a business can also be found on the governments website.