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Public service leaders launch flagship Wirral Together initiative

This week public service leaders in Wirral launched a flagship campaign designed to improve how public services works with local residents.

Wirral Council leader Phil Davies presented the new initiative to an audience of community organisers, support agencies and small businesses at the event at New Brighton’s Floral Pavilion on Wednesday 11 July.

What is Wirral Together?

The new programme, ‘Wirral Together’, is about creating a new relationship between public agencies and residents. It is about changing behaviour, making sure public services are more responsive to local issues and making sure they’re open to new solutions.

It is based on delivering on commitments, but also asking residents to do their bit to help public services achieve their aspirations for the Borough. By empowering local people to step up and take ownership for improving things in their communities, members of the Wirral Partnership hope to make a brighter, better Wirral, together.

Cllr Phil Davies said of the plan: “Wirral is a collection of close-knit, engaged and thriving communities.

“Every day, all across the borough, these communities work tirelessly to improve their local areas: through residents associations, tenants groups, neighbourhood forums and more informal groups of volunteers.

“They want to be active, they want to help their neighbours, and keep their area clean. They want to play a major role in community life and in keeping their neighbourhood a place they are proud of.

“It’s the ordinary residents putting out their neighbours bin, or checking in on them to see how they are. It’s the dad who gives up his time to run the kids football team, or the Mum who organises the neighbourhood watch.

“These people are local heroes. The work they do – voluntarily – is the work which keeps our borough going. They are vital. Wirral Together is about celebrating, championing and mobilising these people and this behaviour to improve Wirral for us all.”

Wirral Together is an informal, co-produced agreement between the public services in our borough and every Wirral resident to work together to create a better borough. It contains a set of shared commitments to be achieved, which have been developed through extensive consultation and conversations with residents throughout the borough.

Karen Howell, Chief Executive of Wirral Community NHS Foundation Trust, said: “It was a privilege to launch the Wirral Together event. Wirral Community NHS Foundation Trust fully supports the Wirral Together programme, to ensure the further development and sustainability of a vibrant Wirral.”

Throughout the year, public service staff will be holding conversations with residents about the Wirral Together programme – exploring what can be achieved and how it can be delivered. Although Wirral Together marks a new era for the relationship between council and resident, the ethos behind the initiative is already in action among many individuals and community groups across the peninsula.

The charter also sets out to encourage residents to work alongside the local authority when they see issues in their areas.

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