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Could Fostering fill your empty nest?

If your children have left home for university or moved away to start work this is the perfect time to foster a child; you have years of experience looking after babies, children and teenagers, and plenty to offer a child or youngster in Wirral. 

You’ve dealt with the terrible twos, taught them to ride a bike, tamed that supermarket tantrum, listened to their laughter, wiped away their tears, helped them with their homework, dealt with the minefield that is parenting teenagers, watched proudly at their sporting and academic achievements and you have successfully raised an independent young person as a result!

Now you could use your skills to make a difference to a child or teenagers life in Wirral.

Wirral Foster Carer Sharon said, “My kids had grown up and moved out and my weekends were spare and I missed doing family stuff. I’d been thinking for years about fostering but wasn't sure if I’d be suitable, I finally made the call…they were looking for someone just like me, it all fitted together.”

If you have room in your home and in your heart, the time could be right to foster a child or youngster in Wirral.

Foster Carers come from all walks of life, take the next step….get in touch with Wirral Council’s Fostering team  to find out more. They can even arrange for you to chat to one of their existing Foster Carers to find out about the application process, day to day fostering, preparing for your first foster child or any other questions you may have.