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Keep your garden rat free – top tips to control vermin this summer

Residents are being given tips on how to control the likelihood of rats and other vermin in their garden during the warmer months.

Rodents such as rats, like to set up home in gardens, particularly in warmer weather with increased composting.

The council’s environmental health team have shared their top tips to controlling vermin:

  • Make your home rodent proof

Gaps larger than 6mm (width of a pencil) need to be sealed and metal micro-mesh can be used to cover airbricks.

  • Correct feeding of wild birds

Rats are excellent climbers so when using bird feeders make sure to use non-spill foods such as fat balls and don’t put too much food out at once.

  • Good housekeeping

Any unwanted materials that are stored in your garden (and sheds as these can provide nesting sites for rats) should be cleared away. All food waste should be placed in a wheelie bin, making sure lid that the lid is secure, and no bags are in the open.

  • Correct composting methods

Compost bins should be placed on heavy mesh to deter rats from burrowing into them and no food waste, other than vegetable peelings should be composted.

  • Engage the services of a competent pest technician

Residents that notice an issue with rats or other rodents should alert a qualified pest control technician. They are trained in the safe use of rodenticides and will place the correct amount of bait in the optimum position to help achieve a successful outcome as well as offering relevant advice.


To dispose of waste, that is too large for a wheelie bin, the council runs a large item collection service, where up to six separate items can be collected for £29.50 per visit. For more information, visit the council’s website.

To arrange a pest control visit, residents can contact the council’s team on 0151 606 2020.

Pest control services can address issues with rats and mice, cockroaches, bedbugs, wasps, ants and flees. Fore more information and fees for these services, please visit the council’s website.