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Limit the scares this Halloween and be costume safe

If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect Halloween costume, keep a look out for safety labels to make sure your celebrations are spooky and scary - but not dangerous.

Dressing up and getting in the spirit of Halloween can be exciting, particularly for little children, but not all costumes pass proper health and safety standards which can put a child at risk.

The council’s trading standards team have pulled together their top tips to help you check the costumes you're buying. Here’s what to look for:

EN71 label

A Europe-wide standard, which tests for a number of things including flammability.

‘CE’ mark

Shows a costume complies with essential safety requirements and has been tested for fire safety so if it catches fire it should burn more slowly.

Top Tip: Unfortunately, this can be faked, so check that the middle line on the letter ‘E’ is shorter than the other two. You may also see a new symbol, the UKCA (UK conformity assessed mark).

Manufacturer's name and contact details

Buying from a reputable store or website, may mean spending a bit more but it will be safer as cheap costumes may not meet UK safety standards and may carry fake safety labels.

Registered business trademark

This means that the business has protected its brand so that nobody else can use similar signs and ride off the back of their business – if a costume has one of these it is more likely it will have been through the proper testing.

Fire warnings and safety information

Look for a label that says: “This garment has undergone additional safety testing for flammability”. This is a voluntary code that many reputable retailers and manufacturers in the UK have signed up to.

For more information on Halloween costume safety laws visit RoSPA website.