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Cycling and Walking in Wirral

Exercise is one way to help maintain physical and mental health particularly during this time and walking, running, or cycling are a great way to explore your local area.

Whether travelling for work or wanting to explore the borough for leisure, Wirral has a large existing infrastructure with routes and paths for both walking and cycling.

Before residents set off on their next journey, they can visit the links below to find maps, off-road and on-road routes and trails and for advice.


Wirral has and continues to invest in facilities and infrastructure to support cycling both for leisure and for commuting including:

  • On-road cycle lanes

Marked out lanes which provide space for cyclists on the road providing direct, safer routes to key places.

Some cycle lanes link to Advanced Stop Lines to give cyclists priority at junctions and bus only routes across Wirral.

Find the full cycling infrastructure map with Visit Wirral Cycle Map.

  • Off-road routes

Whether used for leisure or as part of a commuting journey, off-road routes are being improved, maintained, and extended. They are great place to start cycling either as a family, to teach youngsters or to brush up on your own cycling skills.

Residents can find a number of different cycling routes on the Visit Wirral website.

  • Traffic Calming

Similar to road humps and speed limits, traffic calming measures improve the links between cycle routes as measures have been put in place to make the street traffic slow down.

Cycling UK provide advice on their website to support safe cycling within the current restrictions.


For those who prefer to keep their feet on the ground, Wirral also has some great walking routes.

With around 75 miles of public rights of way, taking in woodlands, parklands, promenades, beaches and parks, Wirral residents often need to just step outside the front door to be able to explore local footpaths and open spaces.

Looking for some inspiration for walking routes around the borough:

Websites such as Living Streets provide advice including how to ‘walk the right way’ during this time. They also have some games to make the journey interesting for little ones, such as scavenger hunts or counting NHS/Key worker rainbows displayed in our local communities.

Residents should take care when choosing walking or cycling routes and be considerate of others.

The council is undertaking a survey where residents can share locations, on these or any other routes around the borough, that may need improvements for cycling and walking or to help aid social distancing.

To take part and help Wirral Council make travel healthy and safe, submit locations by visiting Wirral Liveable Streets.

The survey will close on 31 August 2020.