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Volunteer at Wirral’s parks – Meet Jean a volunteer at Wirral Country Park

As we celebrate Love Parks Week, we spoke to a volunteer who helps to keep our parks looking their best.

Love Parks Week, a national campaign, is a time to shine a light on all the incredible work our Parks and Countryside team do but also to recognise the work of our volunteers – both community groups and individuals.

Our volunteers play a vital role in looking after Wirral's parks, coast and countryside and support a wide-range of activities. 

Matt, one of our park rangers, speaks to Jean, who is a local volunteer at Wirral Country Park, about what she loves about volunteering each week.  

Jean says: “I’ve been coming [to Wirral Country Park] for nearly 10 years now, I came originally to get some fresh air and exercise after I’d retired and it’s addictive. I’ve met some really nice people, so I have a really good Thursday out for free – everybody should do it!” 

Watch the full video below.

Jean is just one of the volunteers that supports the park, so if you’d like to get involved at Wirral Country Park, or another of Wirral’s parks, there are plenty of opportunities.

For more information about how to get involved and become a volunteer, visit the council’s website.