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Look out for this dangerous tree decay this autumn

Wirral’s tree team need your help this autumn. 

Have you seen this fungus around the base of mature Beech trees? Giant polypore (meripilus giganteus) ) is a very dangerous root decay fungus which is most commonly found on Beech trees.

Once established there is a very high chance of the tree collapsing as the fungus rapidly decays the roots and the base of the tree. Meripilus is very easy to spot but only in early autumn when it forms very distinctive large clumps of light brown overlapping fronds, sometimes 50cm (20 inches) or more across. These appear in late summer and persist throughout autumn before shrivelling to black ooze after the first frost of winter.

If you see these distinctive large brown fronds around the base of beech trees this autumn please inform the tree team as soon as possible via the Council’s website,