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Staying Active and Well at home during COVID-19

It is understandable to feel vulnerable or overwhelmed as we hear about Coronavirus in the press, on social media or in conversation.

Additionally, staying at home during this time, while it will reduce the spread of the virus, comes with its own unique challenges.

It’s important to take time, even little and often, to look after ourselves – especially in times of stress. Here are a few extra tips to help support and manage your wellbeing, while at home.

Stay connected – While we are all asked by the Government to social distance from others, this doesn’t mean we have to emotionally distance too. Can you keep in touch with friends and family online? Via phone or video call? Staying in contact with people around you can be a great boost for yourself, and others.

Sleep is important – If you're having sleep problems, there are simple steps you can take to ease those restless nights. Visit the Every Mind Matters Sleep page for top tips on how to get a good night’s sleep and more.

Stay active – Staying at home doesn’t have to mean you don’t exercise. There are plenty of things that many of us can do to stay active and protect ourselves and others including home workouts, yoga or a daily walk. Visit the NHS One You site for some free home work-out videos.

Phone-free time – There is extensive media coverage of Coronavirus which can increase worry or anxiety for many. Whether you access your news via your phone, laptop, TV, radio or paper – finding a balance that works for you is key.

Avoid speculation – There is a lot of uncertainty online and in communities in relation to Coronavirus. If you’re reading about the virus or sharing online content, try to look up reputable sources. Facts can minimise fears and having access to good quality information about the virus can help to minimise anxiety. You can get reliable up-to-date information from the Public Health England website.

There are some practical resources that can help with your overall health and wellbeing:

  • for the latest advice on protecting yourself and others from Coronavirus.
  • The Wirral InfoBank is an online resource to help residents find support services in their local area, especially during COVID-19. You can use their simple search tool to find mental health support and more.
  • Every Mind Matters can help you discover simple steps to look after your mental health.
  • Headspace have developed a number of resources called Weathering the storm.
  • Unable to connect online? The Silver Line is the only free confidential helpline providing information, friendship and advice to older people, open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. You can contact them on 0800 4 70 80 90.