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Street cleaners sweep into action at local housing estates

The council have been working with its street cleaning contractor to take on more people to keep the borough looking its best for the local community.

Three additional street cleaners have been taken on by the council’s waste contractor, Biffa, to focus on estates and housing areas.

Extra resources will keep the streets clean, empty litter bins and remove any weeds or litter as well as using a new road sweeper and driver to support operations.

Laird Street and the surrounding areas in Birkenhead as well as the Noctorum and Woodchurch estates have been identified by residents as needing more support to keep them looking their best. Additional street cleaners started working in these areas last month.

Cllr Julie McManus, Cabinet Member for Community Services at Wirral Council, said: “I completely understand that the appearance and upkeep of the borough is important to residents. By taking on additional members of the team the council is demonstrating its determination to ensure our borough looks its best for local communities.

“Bringing in extra street cleaners allows us to get on top of maintenance in areas that have high numbers of houses in a small space, without affecting existing operations across the borough as a whole.

“I want residents to be able to say they are proud of where they live, and that these additional services will help those living in these areas to look after their neighbourhood.”

Residents can read more about street cleaning and search for when their road is due to be cleaned next by visiting