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Skaters can return as wheel parks reopen

More free leisure activities are becoming available next week in Wirral with the planned reopening of some of the borough’s wheel parks.

The finishing touches to maintenance works, safety checks and new signage are currently being done and barring any last minute hitches, the parks – which are primarily used for skateboarding – will reopen on 3 September.

The wheel parks set to reopen are at:-

  • Gayton Park, Heswall
  • Lingham Park, Moreton
  • The Fender, Beechwood
  • Tower Grounds, New Brighton

The wheel park at Eastham Rake will remain closed until further notice while damage caused by vandalism is repaired.  

With their reopening comes a list of rules that users must follow to ensure that the parks can be as safe and secure as possible in these Covid-19 times.

The rules include:-

  • No gathering in large groups
  • Social distancing to be maintained
  • Taking extra care - to avoid having to call upon on emergency services
  • No fist-bumping, high-fives or hugging
  • No sharing of phones, equipment or refreshments
  • Washing or sanitising hands regularly
  • No more than one person completing a run at a time
  • Cleaning your skate equipment before and after use minimise contact with anything else
  • Keep the park for boarding only - if you are not skateboarding, leave the park.
  • Do not use the park if you have any of the Covid-19 symptoms

The wheel parks will be subject to weekly inspections on top of the regular maintenance tasks that are required anyway.

Cllr Julie McManus, Cabinet member for Community Services, said: “Alongside playgrounds for younger children, our wheel parks are an important community asset that provide children of all ages with a stimulating environment where they can exercise through play and develop physically, socially and emotionally alongside other like-minded people.

“To make sure we can keep our wheel parks open, we need parents, guardians or even older siblings to be responsible and make sure young people are not gathering in large groups in these parks. They must be used responsibly to keep everyone safe.”