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Safety measures put in place for tennis courts to safely reopen

Council outdoor tennis courts are to reopen from Friday 12 June with a number of safety measures in place to protect the safety of residents and staff at these sites.

In line with the latest government guidance and the recognition of how beneficial tennis can be for physical and mental health, tennis sites have implemented a number of safety measures.

Please note that this will not include the reopening of Oval and Bidston Tennis Courts at this time.

Before visiting an outdoor tennis court, residents are asked to read about these measures to ensure that they are prepared for their visit and are doing all that they can to protect themselves and the safety of others.

In addition to the usual site rules, that need to be followed at all times, the safety measures include:

  • Courts must be pre-booked online at:
  • Keep all access gates open at all times
  • Allow others to leave before you enter the court - wait away from the gates
  • No competitions, coaching or group sessions
  • Play with members of the same house or one individual from another house only
  • Maximum of 2 players per court (unless players are all from the same household)
  • All litter and discarded items must be taken away and disposed of by court users
  • No shaking hands or physical contact with other players
  • Only handle your own racket and personal (marked) tennis balls
  • Follow Public Health guidelines around hygiene
  • Avoid changing ends or change at opposite sides of net
  • Maintain social distancing at all times

Julie McManus, Cabinet Member for Community Services at Wirral Council, says: “As lockdown eases and a number of services begin to open so that residents can resume some of their favourite hobbies and sports, including tennis, it is so important that we follow government’s social distancing guidelines as well as the additional safety measures in place at tennis courts to protect ourselves and others. I ask all residents to follow the safety measures in place. Please remember to take your litter home with you, and to wash your hands when needed.”

“Before visiting one of the thirteen tennis courts sites around the borough, please take the time to read the safety measures that will be in place at each of these courts. This will ensure that you are taking the necessary precautions, are prepared for your visit and will ensure that you’ll be able to use the court you wish as courts must be pre-booked online.”

Tennis Courts that will be opening from Friday 12 June include Arrowe Park, Ashton Park, Birkenhead Park, Coronation Park, Harrison Park, Higher Bebington Recreation Ground, Irby Playing Fields, Marine Park, Meols Parade Gardens, Newton Park, Saughall Grange, Stanley Park and Torr Park.

More information on outdoor tennis courts can be found on