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PSPOs come into force at anti-social behaviour hot-spots

Wirral Council is introducing temporary Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) in two areas of the borough that have been affected by crime and anti-social behaviour.

The Dips in New Brighton and West Kirby beach/Cubbins Green are the areas that will be covered by the Orders, which take effect from today (14th September 2020).

Earlier this year, when government lockdown restrictions due to Covid-19 were introduced, criminal offences and complaints of anti-social behaviour increased dramatically in these areas.

Council officers worked closely with Merseyside Police on specific operations to tackle problems as they occurred and the police implemented Dispersal Zones over some weekends in an effort to reduce problems.

However, Dispersal Zones are short-term solutions often lasting only a few days, which is why the council’s Anti-Social Behaviour Team moved to implement PSPOs to give enforcement agencies wider-reaching and longer-term powers to take action if further issues occur. The PSPOs will be in place for two years.

Cllr Tom Usher, Cabinet member for Children, Families and Education, said: “We want to protect the quality of life of the residents who live in these areas. It is disappointing that we have had to seek these powers in any part of the Wirral but the scales of the problems meant we needed to take action for the good of our residents.”

The kind of anti-social behaviour in and around West Kirby beach/Cubbins Green and the Dips in New Brighton included groups acting in an intimidating manner, alcohol misuse, littering, use of nitrous oxide, urination/defecation in public areas and alcohol related disorder, including criminal damage and violence offences.

Cllr Julie McManus, Cabinet member for Community Services, added: “This anti-social behaviour is a nuisance and annoyance to members of the public who visit and live in the area. The action we have taken is our best chance at giving the police and other agencies responsible for community safety the powers to take immediate and robust action to tackle problems. That way, we are able to protect local communities and ensure that these popular spots can be enjoyed by everyone.”

For full details of the conditions of the PSPOs, visit