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New coronavirus symptom tracker app: download and join the fight

If you are looking for a proactive way to help in the fight against coronavirus, a new 'symptom study app' has been released to help recruit 'citizen scientists' report symptoms and advance vital research on COVID-19.

The app, developed by scientists at King’s College London in partnership with the health science company Zoe, aims to further scientists’ understanding of COVID-19 by improving recognition of symptoms, tracking how fast the virus is spreading, determining higher risk areas in the UK, and identifying who is most at risk.

Whether you have coronavirus symptoms or feel well, it takes just one minute a day to record your symptoms in the app and join over 4,500 Wirral residents already contributing to the largest public science project of its kind in the world. The app is free to download, and your data will only be used for this health research to better understand and beat the virus.  

Become a citizen scientist and be part of the solution where you can learn more about the study, the app, and how to get involved.