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Libraries launch 14 Day Reading Challenge for young readers

Wirral Libraries have a number of online resources to ensure residents can still access books, newspapers and reading groups during this time – the latest of these being a 2-week reading challenge to keep your little ones entertained.

The challenge will see a variety of tasks set for young readers (Foundation to Key Stage 1) on each day and these will be shared through Wirral Libraries Facebook and Twitter pages.

Challenges include a variety of tasks and will be as followed:

  • Day 1 Read a story to a special grown-up in a person or on the phone
  • Day 2 Read a book that makes you laugh
  • Day 3 Read a book with a superhero in it
  • Day 4 Download and listen to an audiobook
  • Day 5 Find a poem you like and share it with someone
  • Day 6 Read a book with animal in it
  • Day 7 Draw a picture or make a model of something you like from a book
  • Day 8 Download and read an eBook
  • Day 9 Build a blanket fort and read a book in it
  • Day 10 Listen to an author read one of their books online
  • Day 11 Write your own story or poem and share it with a grown-up
  • Day 12 Read a comic or magazine
  • Day 13 Read an information book or find an interesting fact about books online
  • Day 14 Re-read your favourite book

Whether you are looking to add some reading tasks to a daily lesson plan or an additional activity for a budding book-worm, this 2-week challenge could be just the things for your little ones.

At the end of the challenge, a virtual certificate will be shared so you can provide a certificate your child, by simply downloading the template and personalising with their name.

If the challenge is completed, make sure to comment on Wirral Libraries Day 14 post, either on Facebook or Twitter, with the name of your child to be added into a prize draw to win a £20 book token.

For the latest challenge updates please visit Wirral Libraries Facebook or Twitter account.