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Keep Wirral Safe Keep Wirral Tidy

As lockdown restrictions continue to ease, residents can now socialise with others outside their household (up to 6 individuals) and can pass their time enjoying the outdoors.

This easing over the weekend of 30th / 31st May saw a large number of people travel to our local beaches, parks and beauty spots. Although it was great to enjoy some lovely sunny weather, some areas saw a massive increase in litter, parking violations and a general lack of social distancing.

Whilst we all should be staying at home as much as possible to stop the spread of the virus, Wirral Council will be taking a proactive approach, working with key partners, to reduce the impact of the expected demand on council resources over the coming weeks or as the current good weather continues.

This will include a series of measures, such as new traffic management plans in and around New Brighton and West Kirby, as well as other coastal areas, increased parking enforcement and highway restrictions or closures. 

Additional Euro Bins will also be put in place in areas of high footfall, which will be backed up by an increase in collections during busier periods and additional community patrol.

On the advice from Public Health all public toilets remain closed; this is to, prevent and control, the spread of the infection. This will be reviewed on a daily basis and in line with PH daily guidance.

These, and other, tactical responses have been put in place to ensure Wirral’s parks, beaches and open spaces continue to be ‘places of beauty’ for you to enjoy, but we must not sway away from the fact that if you decide to head out, it’s harder to keep a social distance if it’s busy.

The R rate across the Northwest is currently sitting at 1.01, which is higher than elsewhere in the country, so here in Wirral we are not out of the woods just yet.  We must all continue to stay at home as much as possible - a few more weeks of sacrifice now could bring us closer to spending real quality time with our loved ones further down the line, and avoid any possibility of a local lockdown.