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Garden waste collections to make phased return

Garden waste collections will make a comeback in Wirral from May as part of a phased return - with a reduced 4-weekly collection service planned initially.

The plan is designed to get things moving and help subscribers with the build up of garden waste, as staff gradually return to work after self-isolation or their shielding period has ended.

This service will start from 19 May, ahead of a hopeful return to fortnightly collections mid-June (subject to staff availability).

Subscribers will receive the date of their scheduled collection from 19 May, either via email or letter and should check their junk folder if they don’t receive the email.

Alternatively you can find out when your collection will be on the Wirral Council website.

Current subscribers will receive at least five collections before having to subscribe again. This it to make up for missed collections between 30 March and the end of the current subscription period on 31 May 2020.

The date for the new sign up period is yet to be confirmed but will likely be sometime in mid-July ahead of the 2020/21 subscription period kicking off in August.

Current subscribers will be notified when and how they need to sign up again either by email or letter as soon as the subscription period is confirmed.

Non-subscribers will be told when they can subscribe through the council’s social media accounts and the local media.

Please remember

  • Put your bin out on your scheduled collection day by 7am.
  • Don’t over fill your brown bin – the lid must be closed to stop garden waste spilling out.
  • Make sure your bin isn’t too heavy – it won’t be able to be emptied as the lifting equipment  has a weight limit.
  • Don’t squash the waste down – it could get stuck in the bin or make the bin too heavy.  Both will mean that your bin isn’t emptied.
  • If all your garden waste doesn’t fit in the bin, please store the excess until your next collection.
  • Don’t put bags of garden waste in or next to the bin. We can’t collect bagged garden waste as it can’t be reprocessed.