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Council warns residents not to fly tip or face prosecution

Residents are being warned by Wirral Council not to use COVID-19 as an excuse to dump their waste illegally.

The council has seen a marked increase in reports of fly-tipping across the borough since the nation went into lockdown and residents are increasingly having clear outs or doing DIY while in lockdown.

However, while acknowledging the difficulties residents are facing managing their waste at this time, the council is warning that it will continue to take a tough line on incidents of fly-tipping and will keep on investigating all reports with a view to prosecuting those responsible.

Residents are urged to dispose of their waste responsibly through the regular kerbside collections - or hold onto it until COVID-19 passes. Fly-tipping will never be tolerated, but even less so at this time when all available resources are concentrated on keeping essential services going.

If you see someone fly tipping:

  • take vehicle registration details
  • note the date, time, location and your view of the incident (e.g clear view, distance from you)
  • take a description of what waste you have seen being dumped
  • take a description of the people dumping the waste
  • if you can do safely, use a camera phone or camera
  • don’t approach anyone who you see fly tipping

To report incidents of fly-tipping, visit