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Council leader urges borough to stay home as much as possible

Dear residents and visitors,

The release of the R data today tells us that the North West is currently sitting at an R rate of 1.1, which is higher than elsewhere in the country.

We must view this regional rate as a strong indication to continue to treat the Coronavirus seriously across the borough – for our safety and the safety of our most vulnerable.

As lockdown restrictions continue to ease, we’re not out of the woods yet in the UK and indeed in Wirral. I would urge all Wirral residents, to think twice about visiting family and friends, especially at this time.

Even though the intentions may be to social distance outdoors in a garden or park, the forecast bad weather may bring with it a temptation to just nip in out of the rain, to mix household groups however briefly and increase your risk of spreading the virus.

We must all continue to stay at home as much as possible, distance from those outside of our household group and self-isolate if we have symptoms. A few more weeks of sacrifice now could bring us closer to spending real quality time with our loved ones further down the line, and avoid any possibility of a local lockdown. 

We all want to see Wirral’s coronavirus numbers come down as fast as possible. It might feel boring, and a bit tough to stay at home when we’ve been cooped up for weeks, but if you can stay in, please do. Stay in, and stay safe. #BeBoringStaySafe

Thanks for reading, and stay safe.

Councillor Pat Hackett.