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Become a Community Champion and help Keep Wirral Well

Wirral Council is this week launching a new community network to help stop the spread of coronavirus and keep our residents and businesses up to date with the latest information regarding COVID-19.

Leader for Wirral Council, Cllr Pat Hackett said: “Wirral’s community response to the pandemic has been exceptional and we always felt it was important to build on the co-ordinated response and the many partnerships that were formed earlier this year. I believe the Community Champions will quickly become an effective way to communicate the latest information regarding COVID-19 to our residents, businesses and the many dedicated third sector and voluntary groups that support our communities in Wirral.

“The timing of this new initiative is key as we move from summer to autumn and the inevitable challenges that will bring. I am asking as many people as possible to sign up to become a Community Champion for Wirral to help stop the spread of coronavirus and help their loved ones, friends and colleagues to make informed choices. Now more than ever we need to be socially distanced but together as we do all we can to keep Wirral well.”

Director of Public Health for Wirral Julie Webster added: “COVID-19, and the measures taken in response, continue to impact us all and the Community Champions network will provide us with a direct two-way approach to communicate with the many enthusiastic and dedicated people and organisations who want to do more to help stop the spread of coronavirus in Wirral. Through the Community Champions network we will provide the latest accurate information and we hope our Champions will inform us of their community’s concerns. By continuing to work together we can all do our bit to stop the spread of coronavirus in Wirral.”

Upon sign up, our Community Champions will receive regular updates from Wirral Council as well as signposting information from other partners to ensure that all sectors and groups in Wirral are included. There will also be tailored advice and guidance provided for different sectors with support for business a key priority. 

Chief Executive Officer for Wirral Chamber of Commerce Paula Basnett said: “Wirral’s businesses play a huge role in keeping everyone safe and it is vitally important we support them to do so. I’m delighted Wirral Council have launched the Community Champions network. Wirral Chamber of Commerce and Community Action Wirral are ready to play a full and active part in keeping our businesses up-to-date with the latest advice and guidance. As a community we have all come together to support each other throughout the pandemic and I’m so pleased those partnerships will only be strengthened further by the introduction of the Community Champions.”

Visit here to sign up and become a Community Champion for Wirral