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Help make travel in Wirral healthy and safe

Over the last few months, Wirral’s existing cycling and walking infrastructure has provided access around the borough to help maintain physical and mental wellbeing during this time and the council want to ensure sustainable and active travel can continue to be supported as lockdown eases.

The council has and continues to invest in facilities and infrastructure to support cycling and walking, investing approximately £1.2 million to make sustainable and active travel more accessible over the last year but the council is now looking to do more.

Wirral are set to receive a share of a £1.9 million Department for Transport (DfT) Emergency Active Travel Fund for Merseyside and are already looking into measures to support increased active travel but want resident input so that these measures can provide the best support to Wirral. 

The council would like resident support and feedback to help identify roads, routes, paths and areas that could be adapted to help maintain social distancing or improved for cycling and/or walking. The feedback generated will be supported by a second instalment of funding, that is expected later this year.

Submit your locations and help Wirral Council make travel in Wirral healthy and safe.

Early responses are encouraged before the survey will close on 31 August 2020.

Cllr Liz Grey, Cabinet Member for Environment and Climate Change at Wirral Council, says: “I am so pleased that the council continue to recognise the importance of sustainable travel, both during this time and for the future. Exercising in the fresh air is a way to help clear our minds and help look after both our physical and mental health, particularly during this time.

“Similarly, to my family, many people have been walking, running and cycling around the borough, exploring their local area and appreciating the unique landscape we have in Wirral. This survey provides the council with the opportunity to make the changes that are most important to making our residents feel safe.

“I would encourage all residents to take part in this survey, whether you notice a location on your commute to work or on your favourite bike ride route. If you feel that something needs to be done to make cycling and walking safer or to make social distancing more manageable, you can use the map to pin a location and comment about the issue and/or what needs to be changed.”

Suggestions made for larger improvements will be considered in the long-term for major projects and schemes such as the Tower Road project that started this week that has been designed and delivered in partnership with Peel L&P. This scheme will see a further £3.2million invested into the area of Tower Road to support increased active travel and sustainable travel and to make it more accessible.

The work at Tower Road will involve reducing the carriageway width and increasing the width of pavements to prioritise those who are cycling and walking.

Over the last year, the approximate value of £1.2 million was allocated to the Transport Plan for Growth schemes and an improvement scheme at New Chester Road.