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Shhhh… It’s Noise Action Week

Environmental Health share some information about considering others during Noise Action Week, 24 to 29 May 2021, to raise awareness of how noise can impact the health and wellbeing of those around you.

Noise pollution is said to be the pollutant that has the greatest impact on our quality of life – affecting our health through loss of sleep and reduced performance at work or school/college.

Over the last year, with limited activity on our roads, in local businesses and limited socialising both outside and inside, it may be more noticeable when these noises begin to return. Noise Action Week is about being considerate of others by reducing unhealthy and disturbing noise, letting people know what action can be taken and what services are available to help manage noise if it becomes a problem.

Businesses can speak to Wirral Council Environmental Health and Licensing teams by visiting the council’s website or e-mailing to ensure that they are operating without causing unnecessary disturbance. If you’re supporting your local businesses that have reopened, be considerate of others around you, including neighbours, when you are outside the venue and/ or heading home after enjoying an evening out.

If you are suffering from a noise nuisance problem in your area, there are some steps that can be taken to begin to address the issue. Talking to the business or neighbour who may be causing the problem to explain that you are troubled by the noise is the first step to be taken and can often resolve the issue if they didn’t know it was having an impact on you.

Advice can also be taken from the council’s Environmental Health team to help with your specific situation. You can speak to them by emailing

For more information on how to access help and support if you are dealing with a noise nuisance problem, can be found on the councils website Noise nuisance |