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Recovery cafe supports community with food parcels

Nightingales Recovery Café usually provides a welcoming and safe place for people to enjoy healthy and affordable food while connecting with others.

But after closing the doors of the Birkenhead-based community hub due to COVID-19 health guidance, the charity behind the cafe have come up with a way to continue providing a lifeline to those who need it.

Run by Wirral Ways to Recovery, staff from the aptly named cafe are delivering food parcels across the borough to support vulnerable people staying safe at home.

Soon after the closure, Nightingales chef Wayne Bagley and his colleagues began putting together food parcels and distributing these with other essentials to vulnerable people who are self-isolating and at risk of going hungry.

Kerry Reynolds from Wirral Ways said: “Many people in our service have severe physical health problems and they are often socially isolated without a network of supportive friends or family members to shop for them.

"Delivering food parcels to our most vulnerable families supports their health and wellbeing during lockdown and shows people we are there to support them through this crisis.”

Wirral Ways team member, Gill Toop, said: “Our service is committed to meeting the needs of local people, whether that be a listening ear or vital supplies to stop them going hungry.”

The Wirral Ways to Recovery continue to provide a friendly and welcoming treatment, medication and other recovery support for people with drug and alcohol problems throughout Wirral.

Wirral Ways continue to support people during this period, providing friendly and welcoming treatment, medication and other recovery options for anyone with drug and alcohol problems in Wirral.

You can visit their Facebook page for helpful advice or, if you feel that you would benefit from some additional support, please contact on 0151 556 1335.