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Quick tips to help children stay safe online

To help parents and carers keep children safe online as they spend more time on the internet and social media we’ve pulled together a few tips and ideas to support protecting them as much as possible.

Children and young people (and us adults too!) are spending even more time online as they carry on their school work and use it to keep in touch with friends and family during this health crisis,  so it’s important we know how to keep them safe online as much  as possible.

The internet, apps and games open up a world of positive technological possibilities,  helping us all stay connected and feel supported but being online does come with some common risks. We’ve pulled together just a few tips to help you keep your children safe as possible online.

  1.  Chat about it

 Talking openly about why keeping safe online is important as well as talking about any risks. It can help to show an interest in what your child or teenager does with their time online. Are they talented at TikToks or Insta influencers? Finding out will help you know what they’re using online and help you protect them from any dangers and create  an open conversation.

  1.  Set up parental controls

Internet providers should offer you the option of setting some parental controls over what your child can access online. It can help to prevent age inappropriate content from being shown. The UK Safer Internet Centre has advice on how to set these up plus plenty of other advice too

  1.  Stay in the know

 We know digital and online platforms change all the time especially social media, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest social trends and apps. By staying ahead of any social media trends you can talk to your child  about any possible dangers to look out for. Check out for information on the latest apps, social networks and online games.

  1.  Digital detox

Children (and even adults!) are now spending even more time online as part of doing their school work at home plus using social media or online games. Too much screen time isn’t always best. One way to help limit screen time is to agree times with your kids when they won’t be going online and encourage them to do other activities instead.

  1.  Report concerns

 If you’re concerned about something you’ve seen or your child has seen online, know where and how to report it. You can report it to the police via the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre

We've also created top five tips download for staying safe online for young people too.

More online resources to help:

  • ChildLine offer lots of advice and support for parents and children around online safety.
  • The NSPCC website covers a range of topics for parents and carers around keeping children safe online.
  • is a dedicated website that offers advice and information on tackling online safety issues.