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Five online children's classes for under 5s

Wirral’s children’s centre classes may be suspended due to the Coronavirus, but centre staff have taken to the My Child Can Facebook page to keep up their support for families. 

Staff from the centres are still reaching out to support parents with the development of their little ones by filming some classes to help give parents ideas for activities. 

From cooking up a storm with big dish, little dish to relaxing story times, there’s plenty of ideas for parents to keep the kids entertained.  

Here’s five online classes you could give a go this week: 

     1. Turn the kids into little MasterChef’s with big dish, little dish! 

This week Angie talks us through out to make some delicious oat pancakes. The activity is a great way to get kids exploring different foods and their textures. Making the pancakes are a great way to involve kids in making snacks with you.

For safety reasons we do advise making the mix away from the kitchen and only have an adult to fry the mix. 

       2. Spark their imagination with story time  

Settle the little ones down to listen along to a story read by staff. Story time and reading with your child has a number of benefits including enhancing vocabulary, building early literacy skills and sparking their imaginations. It’s also a great way to spend some quality time together! 

      3. Making a creative mess with Messy Play! 

A firm favourite for kids who attend classes is Messy Play and staff at the centre are keen to keep the popular class going. 

The good news is it’s a great way to occupy the kids whilst they’re learning and developing skills! Slight downside for you is that it will make a little bit of a mess. Especially as this week is all about how to make gloop…a firm favourite with kids at the minute. 

It might be one to do in the garden if the weather is nice! 

     4. Bubble trouble – Bubble making

A new class to the line-up this week is all about making bubbles, who doesn’t love them?! 

The bubble making activity helps to develop speech and language skills along with teaching sharing. Staff from the centre share the best way to make your own bubble solution with only washing up liquid and water. 

It’s an activity that we’re sure will bring hours of fun! 

    5. Support for weaning 

This week we’re seeing partnered services feature on the timetable to give extra support to parents. 

This week the 0-19 health service are providing various sessions. The service provides support for children, young people and their families. Support begins during pregnancy and continues until the child reaches the age of 19.  

One of the sessions this week is focusing on weaning. The team will provide advice and guidance on ways parents can start weaning their baby, as they go through the most frequently asked questions. 

You can find all the online videos and the full timetable on the My Child Can Facebook page

It’s a challenging time for parents as they do their best to keep children safe and occupied, we hope the online classes help relieve some pressure. Remember that although the children’s centre classes are not running, staff are still there to help and support you.