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Dispose of a barbecue safely

Residents and visitors are being given tips on how to safely put out disposable barbecues to avoid causing a fire and putting residents and staff at risk.

Disposable barbecues and their coals can stay hot for a long time after they have been used and can even reignite so certain steps need to be followed to safely dispose of them.

  • After use, barbecues should be soaked in water for at least 24 hours before being disposed
  • Barbecues should be placed into the green (general waste) bin as they are not recyclable.
  • Residents should not use a grey (recycling) bins to dispose of a barbecue. A full list of what can be put in your recycling bin can be found on the council’s website or search directly for items on MRWA’s Recycle Right website.

Parks, beaches and outdoor spaces should not be used for barbecues - unless they are a designated barbecue space such as the site at Wirral Country Park.

The designated site at Wirral Country Park can still be used, in line with government guidance, and the specifically designed barbecue bin should be used for disposal.

The three brick-built barbecue stands nearer to the visitor centre also have space underneath for barbecues to be stored and to cool. Rangers will then collect cooled disposable barbecues from here but visitors should take all other rubbish home.

The council and its waste contractor, Biffa, have experienced three fires in their disposal vehicles over the last few months due to barbecues not being disposed of correctly.

Fortunately, everyone is safe after these incidents, but incorrect disposal can pose a fire risk and put crews and residents in danger as well as causing significant impacts on collections services and street cleansing crews.